Allegro Windows (Popsy) Professional


Management supplier payments (files or statements) with checking. Receiving payments of clients (Coda 128). International payments. Compatible with Isabel. Direct debit (DOM 80).

Amortization management

Management of investment and depreciation: 5 available methods – management of prorata temporis, annual or periodic amortization, automatic booking of depreciation.

Analytic accounting (1 plan)

Analytic manage inbooking on mono-plan, with automatic dealing according to given rates, payments and quantities. Various en complet printing. Automatic link with the general accounting.

Budgetary accounting

Budgetmanagement linked to customers, suppliers, general- en analytic accounts. Production of a budget per account or per group of accounts. Possibility to have more budgets for the same account. Budget reports. Evaluation of budgets compared with the real numbers.

Management of annual accounts – balance (Belgium)

Management of annual accounts: complete or condensed annual accounts inclusive the details and obliged social contributions to resign at the National Bank of Belgium. Automatic creation of XBRL file. Management of 21 standard ratio’s of the National Bank with possibility to modify.

Scanning documents

Due to this module the user can link scanned documents to his purchase- or salebookings.

Link Excel Add-in

Integrated module in Microsoft Excel, which permits to create a list based on description, saldi, turnover records customers- en supplierfiches, general and analytic accounts. Transfering of complete hisories of customers, suppliers and general accounts to Excel. Integration of setted function in Popsy.

Cashflow management

Expansion of the term periodplans, who permits a financial situation based on accounts determined in advance. With this application you can see the result of a change in expiry date and visualising some strategic evolutions of your enterprise.

Analytic accounting pro (Multi-plan)

Analytic definition on different levels to manage an accounting on more analytic levels. This module provides the possibility to link and/or divide analytic accounts to general accounts. This wil simplify the entries. Notion of analytic title accounts.

Validation of documents

This module gives you the opportunity to show your purchasedocuments for approval to a third person.

Intrastat management

Integration of Intrastat lists in the accountingmodule, by encoding the purchases and sales and the parametrization of articlefiches. This module allows to correct and persuade data from the managementmodule. Enteries in the programs of purchase- en sale invoices.

Accounting with double accountingplan

Possibility to link an alternative account in the accountingplan to the general accounts and to creat different lists for both accounttypes.


Access for one or 5 extra users.


Access for one or 5 extra files.

Satellite license(s)

By purchasing a satellite license of Popsy, it is possible to create the same masterlicense on a second computer not linked to the network. The number of satellite licences may not be bigger than the number of users of the basiclicense.


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