Allegro Windows (Popsy) Professional for fiduciary

The Allegro Windows Professional includes the following modules:

General accounting

  • Banklink (in / out)
  • Amortization management
  • Analytic accounting
  • Budget accounting
  • Annual-balance

Options :

  • Scanning documents
  • Link Excel Add-in
  • Cashflow module
  • Analytic PRO module
  • Validation module
  • Intrastat module
  • Accounting with double accountplan
  • 1 extra user or fate of 5 extra users
  • 100 extra dossiers or fate of 500 extra dossiers
  • 1 satellite license or fate of 5 satellite licenses

Choose your type of purchase

  • Local

    The classic purchase of the userlicense (local)

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  • SAAS

    Software As A Service. Access to the software by a network

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  • RENT

    Renting the Popsy license

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