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Maestro – Debt Collection System

Raise payment rates and increase debt collection productivity

Maestro is a complete cloud-based debt collection software solution that manages and optimizes the entire collection process.

Maestro employs leading-edge technologies and industry experience to provide large operations with a collection system that can scale and adapt to any requirement. It is built on  Allegro Framework which gives an easy connection to Allegro Accountancy and other modules. Thanks to that software platform Maestro can be used as hosted solution for a low monthly cost. All that is required is a computer and the Internet connection. From anywhere in the world users can work accounts and manage their business.

The system segments clients according to their level of insolvency to differentiate collection procedures and maximize recovery rates. Using the provided tools for visual modeling, users can modify predefined business processes and rules or create customized workflows and algorithms for processing loan cases.

Maestro also provides the users with the key feature of automatic monitoring the statuses of a loan case and routing the case from one stage to another. The system automatically monitors the status of loan cases and repayment of loans and subsequently assigns the case to the corresponding action.

Sophisticated solution calculates in addition to interest, penalties and contractual penalties also commissions and fees for the administrative process and agents.

Benefits of Maestro

  • One loan case (dossier) may contain more debts records
  • Automated documents generation based on editable templates
  • Customized workflow
  • Debtor address search process
  • Automated payments registration
  • Full case documentation stored in digital files repository
  • Secure access for third parties and debtors
  • Automated mutual settlement with clients

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