How to realize an automatic certification?

  • Start the Popsy setup-program (through the menu Start/Programs/Popsy3.1).
  • In the field, “user”, you fill in “Administrator”.
  • Choose the menu “Userlicence”.
  • Enter the right elements as you appaer.
  • Energize the information by clicking “OK”.
  • After performing the licence, go on with the “POPSY CERTIFICATION”, a new necessary step: it makes it possible to activate your licence and the demo-mode, limited untill 500 operations. These will be still active after unblock your “USERLICENCE”.
  • Energize the procedure of an automatic registration (click “OK”).
  • An Internetlink will be made between your computer and a save server of Systemat to perform the authentification of your licence.
  • Everything is done, your licence is active en certificated.



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