How can I make a Popsy back-up in SQL?

This procedure makes sure to save your files on the server in .BAK format. This is only possible on the server where the MSDE server has been installed. To perform this, you go to the menu Windows “Start –> Programs –> Popsy 3.1 –> MSDE“.

The screen Microsoft Windows Server MSDE will open.

  • Select your ODBC link where you saved your files.
  • Enter the user who is specific by the installation of the MSDE server (standard: “sa“).
  • Enter the password connected to the user.
  • Click “Next“.
  • Once linked, a screen appears.
  • Select the action “Backup” and “Verify backup file after”.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the file.
  • Click “Next”.

A new screen will appear.

  • Select your file (you can select more files at once).
  • Click “Next”.

The screen retakes the different selected files.

  • Click “Next“.
  • Once you clicked “Next“, the screen will be opened by confirmation.
  • Click “Yes“.

It is possible to automaticate the last procedure.

  • Make a new text file.
  • Enter the following code:
  1. The pad where the MSDE module is installed (to adjust to your installation)
  2. Name of the ODBC link
  3. The folder where you want to save your file.
  • Once you have changed this file, you change the extension from “.TXT” to “.BAT”.
  • In Windows you go to “Start -> Windows Explorer -> Schedule task“.
  • By the button Browse, select the file “.BAT” who is made before;

Give a description to the task and the planning.
Like Access, you have the possibility to export on PBF format by using this for the start at your folderlist.


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