Who are we?

Allegro Software is a combination of strong players on the European market, that put their power together in Allegro Holding nv. They bring together their expertise in the development of cloud technology and accounting-software, with the main goal for the creation and introduction of new software solutions.

The power behind Allegro Software are Philippe Logé (Popsy nv) and Dusan Koutny (Newlink Moravia SRO)


What do we do?

We develop and sell accounting packages.

Allegro Software develops Allegro, a solution which runs 100% in the cloud as a native web application.

Popsy is also developped by Allegro, runs under Windows and offers also Saas possibilities to run the package in the cloud.

With Allegro, we want to offer you a solution for the future to independents, KMO’s and small and large enterprises. It’s compatible with any browser and it runs on any platform. It’s a pleasure to work with Allegro. Popsy is a solution that already exists for a long time. It works on your server and needs a physical installation.

Next to installations and the products we also offer you demo’s, training and our employees are giving support during the working days.