Boechout, October 2012

Dear customer,

To ensure better operation and synergy in Flanders; Trias  Business Software Solutions BVBA (“Trias BSS bvba”); has transferred its software development contracts portfolio to Allegro Software nv / sa (formerly Popsy) with office Chaussée de Louvain 435, 1380 Lasne. VAT number 0466.797.058 and this on October 1, 2012.

The agreements you had with us were fully transferred to Allegro Software nv / sa. All invoices will be sent from this company.

All our employees are also switched to Allegro Software nv / sa.

But you will still be in contact with the same people as before under contract in Trias Business Software Solutions. In this area nothing will change for you as a customer. Only we can provide even better services.

Allegro Software (North / Flanders) will be fully responsible for sales, servicing,  the products as there are Popsy, Allegro (Cloud accounting), Eclips, City Bike, … and this in Flanders.

Without further notice, we assume that your organization accepts this change and join us during the continuous build of our products and services in the future.

ALLEGRO Holding buys 100 % of the shares of Popsy Software

Lasne, April 2012

Last week, Softimat NV sold its subsidiary Popsy Software SA to Viola Holding nv  a company of Belgian law.

In the coming days, the statutes of Viola Holding will be modified by a change of name from: Viola Holding to Allegro Holding Holding.

The shareholders of Allegro Holding are:

• Philippe Loge (54%) – Philippe Logé was the manager of Popsy Software from 1992 to 2002. Since October 2010 he has been General Manager of re Popsy Software.

• Trias BSS BVBA (23%) – Trias is the largest distributor in Flanders. Popsy software reseller since 1984.

• NewLink Moravia SRO (23%) – NewLink located in the Czech Republic is a company that specializes in developing web applications. General Manager of NewLink is Dusan Koutny.

Allegro, a new full «web-based software” has been placed on the market as of today. The first available version is a complete web based accounting, where the functionalities are equivalent to those of Popsy Windows:

The marketing of Allegro software will be charged by Popsy Software on the market in Belgium and in the Czech Republic by NewLink.

In connection with the sales of Allegro in Belgium, will Popsy Software SA rely on its existing dealer network.