Oct 30, 2018

Visit us at the Forum for the future 2018 congress

New version of Popsy   New name for Popsy     Our stand : H17 –  Hall 11 Electronic datas !! Free electronic mail box (FTP) Bank link (CODA and SEPA) Salaries (SODA° UBL /PEPPOL support BNB (XBRL) VAT (XML) Faster booking New menus 30 years of knowledge Thousands of users Up to date and […]

May 28, 2013

Staff Motivation and commitment

All employees of Allegro Software have signed up to the action plan presented by the company. Internal news? Actually not according the management. A stock option plan to provide his staff and see that everyone – without exception – subscribes it, has a reassuring effect on the management of a young company. “It is so. But […]

May 28, 2013

Allegro’s “forte”!

The first months of the existence of Allegro, since these activities of the takeover of Popsy, confirms that its founders have made the right choice and indicates a promising first year. Next month it has been a year since Philippe Logé, Rudy Van Avermaet and Dušan Koutný (our photo) the acquisition has been launched by […]

May 28, 2013

Allegro Business Suite: a new look at the accountancy

Do not lose one minute. With Allegro an internetconnection is enough to manage your accounting, inventory and billing, what device you use. You need no download. No application Nor anything to update. Allegro provides the accounting of your company in Belgium and elsewhere. The most modern technologies were used to design it. 100% web and 100% mobile […]

May 28, 2013

Allegro Software, a young and recognized company.

Allegro sells future-oriented management solutions. The Allegro Group is already well established on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets. In October 2012, Popsy Software SA, after the melt together with Trias BSS bvba, become Allegro Software. Today, the group sells a brand new accounting and business solutions Allegro: Allegro is processed in the cloud and is 100% […]