Students, stagiaires and teachers: Allegro Software helps the future accountants, educates them and gives them a job…

Giving students the opportunity to make them comfortable with the accounting software, is the intention of Allegro Software. Nice to know, or to let know!

The knowledge of accounting asked in jobs is continuously in development and is getting more differentiated, idem for the requirements. Accounting and financial aspects, of course, but also law and… informatics. To give bachelors in accounting the opportunity to practice their theoretical knowledge and make them comfortable with the use of accounting programs, Allegro Software gives students and teachers free entrance to a didactic license of his accounting software, a tool that contains all useful modules to keep up a full accounting.

The presence of Allegro in the academic world makes this accounting program the ideal companion for every bachelor in the accounting. A companion who wants to become a professional partner for the future accountant.

Allegro Software wants to fill up the education of students and offers them the opportunity to do their internship at Allegro Software. And maybe it ends up in a job!

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