Allegro Windows (POPSY)

Easy and user-friendly, Popsy is without a doubt the reference for accounting software in Belgium and in Luxembourg.

Allegro Windows : a complete solution.

As number 1 accounting software for Windows in Belgium, Popsy is present in the daily management of enterprises and independents for more than 20 years. Popsy Financials, praised by accountant experts, keeps up with the times and satisfied all legal norms in our country.

Allegro windows commercial management: a useful and efficient facturation module.

Manage quotations, orders, delivery notes, articles, indexing, discounts, credit limit etc. is accessible for everyone due to Popsy commercial management module. Linked direct with Popsy accounting, the option guarantees the controle of a lot of commercial transactions.

Allegro windows Business: a commercial management system to manage your costs.

A real commercial management system that advises you and by which you can manage your company costs. Allegro Windows supplies complete dashboards for a global sight of your company on small or medium period. The software advises you with your purchases and helps you having an as small as possible stock, while you can offer an optimal service. Your commercial management system, Popsy Business, has a direct link with your accounting in Popsy Financials.


Allegro Suitable for SME, accountants and fiduciary.

Allegro No more capacity restrictions.

Allegro Using the most modern and innovating techniques.

Allegro No more local expensive installations.

Allegro Working when and where you want.

Allegro is a new vision on accounting. Allegro is designed with no difference between Internet and desktop/server application.

It seems like you’re working local. We used the most performant and modern technics to develop Allegro.

Due to our annual experience in accounting- and company solutions, we have spent every care for this application for the satisfaction of companies, accountants and fiduciary.

You can work when and where you like. Your accountants can assure your accounting without movement.