“Allegro Invoice Subito” the entry tool to get used to ‘The Cloud’

  • Experience with ‘The Cloud’ is not only meant for big companies.
  • Allegro is launching an invoicing tool for SME’s which is simple and free for all companies which use less than 100 invoices per year.
  • Learn to use ‘The Cloud’, is the most efficient method to make your invoices. You can generate invoices with the logo of your company and make a database with all necessary properties for a good management. The tool is made for continuity. The system is ready to follow the evolution and growth of your company, which has access to all other functionalities of Allegro.

Try it out ?

  • Less then 100 invoices /year : For FREE
  • More then 100 invoices / year: €10 (excl. VAT) a month
  • Including : use, updates, backup, support


Our resellers are carefully selected to inform you about our products and services. We are always looking for new resellers. You can contact us on sales@allegro.be. For a list of our resellers you can consult the list on the link below.


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