Allegro Business Software

Allegro module for business documents provides everything you need for easy management of trading in medium and small companies.

It offers easy creation of purchase and sale documents and its printing, exporting, and emailing.

Documents are linked to each other in order to monitor the connection between them and thus have the necessary overview of business transactions status.


Products and prices :

Necessary prerequisite for the issuance of commercial papers is good maintenance of products, their characteristics and parameters.

It provides rich application for products management, where are edited the necessary data and sorted to categories.

Depending on the product type, may be registered their properties, which are selectively configurable for each type.

Naturally we have created price lists for all the products, which can be adjusted according to currency and target customer groups.

For each list, you can also set special time limited prices for special promotions.

Sales chain :

Allegro captures the entire supply chain from offers, pre-order and its confirmation to the issue of the delivery note and delivery to billing.

Individual actions are linked to each other gradually and in the process of selling the data flow system transfers into subsequent documents, eliminating any retyping previously recorded data.

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